GW – July/August 2013

GW – July/August 2013

The inflight magazine of German wings
Language : Deutsch / English
Category : Travel
Content : Hannah Herzprung, Vienna’s circus hotel…
156 pages

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For the summer edition of GW, it’s the rising actress Hannah Herzsprung who makes the front cover of the magazine. The magazine also talks about some hotels in Vienna and urban climbing in Barcelona.

Barcelona is known everywhere for the Gaudi’s buildings, the tapas and the street of Las Ramblas. For urban adventurers, the capital city of Catalonia counts some great buildings to dominate. So, without any rope or protection, Gerard Rull succeeded to climb the sculptures called Elogio del Agua, as Carlos Hernandez climbed the Igualda Cemetery structures. If you are that king of adventurer, you can discover a selection of places to climb.
Less risk-taking, the hand-made artifacts of Sardinia are also to discover. Made in clay, silver and also sugar, jewels and ornaments unveil magnificent colors. The method mixes centuries of knowledge and modern techniques.

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