GW – March 2014

GW – March 2014

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Japanese culture is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. GW reveals us sushi, manga and more in Germany’s little Japan in Düsseldorf. The magazine highlights in this edition the way how Beyonce changed the rules of pop…

“I am a diva and proud to be one”, the American star Beyonce said. All women should have her self-confidence in order to appear even more beautiful and astounding. Back to Beyonce, she has done a world tour and her fans in Köln was able to enjoy her amazing show last New Year during her unique conert in Germany. What makes her really the queen of the pop? First of all, Beyonce sounds as a brand, but she is above all a diva. Even if she is a superstar, she has not forgotten to be a mother, and a sex symbol. This what all of her fans like about her: a remarkable woman. Read more about Queen Bey, and some other articles. Enjoy!

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