GW – May 2014

GW – May 2014

The travel magazine of German wings
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In this issue, event worth travelling over the Summer, Team building on an incentive trip to Lake Garda, City guide for Business matters in Manchester, Berlin and Düsseldorf, and many fascinating articles to find out.
German Wing, the leading travel magazine, once more provides you with top advice and recommendations for your business trip and your next vacation plan. If you have ever dreamt of the perfect place to relax and be revived, there is nothing like Austria to meet your needs. Carinthia, in Sothern Austria, combines modern life, comfort and quietness incredibly well. With its many activities, ranging from a simple slow walk across the beautiful landscape to rafting and more high sensation ones, Carinthia makes it possible to you live so close to the nature and benefit from what is called a sustainable eco-friendly vacations and fun included. Find out more of this story in German Wing’s Edition of this month.

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