GW – September 2013

GW – September 2013

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Language : Deutsch / English
Category : Travel
Content : Florian David Fitz, Beirut’s party people…

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This month issue: Red cross 150th anniversary, Florian David Fitz’s prosperous acting career, Norway’s National Tourist Route and her fusion with nature, Fun and games for kids and many other delightful articles waiting for you.

Norway displays her most attractive features in the issue of this month by showing how to blend modernity in nature successfully. Norway’s National Tourist Route is not just about a trip to go; it’s an experience to live for. To go along with your love for beauty, GW takes you to a fascinating article about “The red cross” and its 150 years of generosity. Learn about centuries long history of humanitarians aids which legacy has beautifully punctuated our world. Also, don’t miss to read about Florian David Fitz. This very charismatic German actor seems to be unstoppable. He is turning 40. That’s right! But he is very optimistic about his acting career as his name unceasingly appeals more and more audience.

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