HEMISPHERES – August 2013

HEMISPHERES – August 2013

The inflight magazine of United airlines
Language : English
Category : Travel
Content : Alaska, Morgan Spurlock…
157 pages

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In august, Hemisphere presents us the Aboriginal cuisine available in Melbourne, the Audi Allroad test, the America’s Cup and the Swiss Army’s knife. The issue also takes us to Alaska.

An interesting report in the august issue of Hemispheres tells us the story of Sam Plocer, a writer and photographer who spent three days in Alaska. He shares us his impressions day by day through breathtaking photos and detailed representation. From the lobby of the Hotel Alyeska located in Girdwood to the stunning cliffs of Kenai Fjords were dozens of seals live, the journalist invites the readers to discover the savage face of the fiftieth State. Sam Plocer also immersed inside the authentic native culture of Alaska, and especially in a community fabric. May be the story will inspire you for your next travel, a long way off mass tourism.