HEMISPHERES – August 2014

HEMISPHERES – August 2014

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In this edition: What to read, watch and listen in August; From Ireland to India, in which hotel to stay, Christina Yu’s fashion tips and many other great stories to read.
In this edition, Hemisphere flies you to the most mesmerizing places on earth and makes you discover the most thrilling events in the most vibrant cities ever. This time, let’s discover the beauty of being in Edinburgh. This old Scottish city is a real treasure chest full of attractions. From up above the hills to the undergrounds, it holds vestiges of a glorious yet tumultuous past. This includes the Edinburgh Castle, which should make it to your itinerary list. Indeed, this castle made out of several offers its visitors a spectacular view of the surroundings, an experience which will turn you speechless. But this is only a tiny bit of what this beautiful city can offer. In an article called, “Three perfect days, Edinburg”, find out the perfect travel guide for a memorable stay in Scotland’s gem-city.