HEMISPHERES – December 2014

HEMISPHERES – December 2014

The travel magazine of United airlines
Language : English
Category : Travel

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For its December 2014 issue, Hemispheres takes us to the surprising city of Santiago and relates us three authentic days inside the town. By reading the mag, you will also discover an interesting encyclopedia dedicated to the Caribbean cultures and treasures.
Santiago, the Chile’s capital city, is more than an economic center. During three days, the editorial team of Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine of United Airlines, has visited the unavoidable places of the metropolis, but also some secret addresses off the beaten tracks. Unveiling us the secrets to fully live this dream destination, the article is a must-read for all those who plan to travel to Chile.
Another article to read absolutely is the Caribbean encyclopedia. Useful, colorful and effectively informative, the article is to keep for your next journeys to the shinny islands of the Caribbean Sea. With the Hemispheres tips, you will surely have a nice trip.