HEMISPHERES – February 2014

HEMISPHERES – February 2014

The inflight magazine of United airlines
Language : English
Category : Travel

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On Hemispehere’s cover, three perfect days in Bogota, the cosmopolitan Colombian capital; plus headed for Sochi and looking for gold in Gold Rush; find the hottest hotels from Turin to Tokyo

Inform yourself about Bogota, Colombia’s undeniably beautiful capital city that is bursting with optimism, energy and life. You will enjoy yourself from breakfast to dinner. From the first time you hear the capital name, you may feel that it doesn’t worth the visit. The weather is a little bit warm for perfect holidays; overall, it is a bit wet. There is no denying that the city has had its share of problems. However, the crime risk today is pretty much on similarity with any major urban center. Recently, Bogota is as safe as London or New York. Stay at the Orchids Hotel, the most luxurious properties, the Midsummer Night’s Dream suite will take this to extreme. Keep reading and find out what the magazine offers us apart from this article. Enjoy!