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This month in Hemisphere: Portland in three days, The tour de France goes to England, when gastronomy becomes fishy, Jeans mania with Sven Den Hartogh and many more articles to discover.
Hemisphere, the magazine of no-borders, embarks you to Portland for an extraordinary experience of the “America’s hipster”. For three days, Portland can offer its visitor the best of its features: gastronomy, performing arts, shopping and so on. To start you journey, you can enjoy a good latte at Stumpdown Coffee Roaster and further down the road at Voodoo Doughnut, a fried-dough. But of course, Portland is not all about food. Indeed, this vibrant city is also so wellknown for brewing the best beer. Since 1985, the year when brewpubs have been made legal, Portland has built such a strong and unshakable reputation in this area. More of this story in an article entitled: “Three Perfect days: Portland” available in this edition of Hemisphere.