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In this edition, iconic singer Debbie Harry talks about the 40th anniversary of Blondie and a Jewish krewe hits the New Orleans street during Mardi Gras. Also, we will spend three perfect days in Lima – South America’s culinary capital -.
Emotionally, few items of clothing can compete with the wedding dress. The cult of the Big White Dress is stronger than ever, as confirmed by the “Wedding Dresses 1775-2014” show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. From the silk-brocade ensemble worn by a landowner’s daughter in 1780 to Gareth Pugh’s vaguely goth chiffon number worn by “Dazed” fashion editor Katie Shillingford in 2011. Of all the unexpected places to find black truffles, Australia might be the strangest. Opened in 1997, the Truffle and Wine Co. –located in Western Australia- is capitalizing on Europe’s misfortune: black truffle production has decreased there over the past few decades due to climate change and pollution. Sold internationally, sometimes for thousands of dollars, they bound to delight the most important chefs and food purveyors on Earth… And taste buds!