HORIZON – November 2013

HORIZON – November 2013

The inflight magazine of TurboJet
Language : English / Chinese
Category : Travel

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This month in Horizon: on your agenda, what to see and where to be seen; Arts, getting inspiration from Hong Kong and Macau culture; Kenya, the best destination for adventure seekers and many other great articles to keep you updated the latest trends.

In this edition, Horizon flies you to the most mesmerizing places on earth and makes you discover the most thrilling events in the most vibrant cities ever. Hong Kong and Macau are now the theater of artistic revolution. Indeed, local designers seem to turn to Hong Kong and Macau to enrich their style and arts, and Horizon gives you full report of this tendency. Still in Hong Kong, Fantasy Road became very popular in Hong Kong. Since the agreement to built Hong Kong Disney Land was signed in 1999, the park has known significant profit and keeps on adding more entertainments. Apart from the usual Disney movies characters, 2013-2014 announces the arrival of more fantastic characters form Marvel Comics. Pack your bag, book a ticket and be the first to find out about this great upgrading.

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