J – February 2014

J – February 2014

The inflight magazine of Jazeera airways
Language : English / Arabic
Category : Travel

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In this edition of Jazeera Magazine, read the fascinating story of Beirut’s attempt to launch a rocket to the moon, how to build an airplane, the hotel of the month and many other great articles to enjoy.
Jazeera magazine always feeds us with the best stories to keep us informed and entertained. Back in 1960, the space race wasn’t only about the USA and the URSS. Indeed, Lebanon was played in the part too. Although the Lebanese didn’t reach that high in the sky, their ambitious attempt has changed the face of the Arab world considerably. In an article called “From Beirut to the Moon”, find out details of the Arab space race. In our cultural section, learn about the richness of Arab and Islamic culture with the exhibition that takes place in Kuwait soon. Islamic arts, ancient jewelries dating back to the Bronze Age, olden artifacts and many other pieces will be proudly displayed.

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