JETAWAY – September/October 2013 2013

JETAWAY – September/October 2013 2013

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Language : English
Category : Travel
Content : Doggy baywatch…

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This month edition: One direction, how they come to be so popular and successful; New York, tips to get the most out of the Big Apple City without spending your whole life saving, Yorkshire vs. Ibiza, so different but both so rich in experience and discovery.

This month, Jetaway carries you to the fascinating world of celebrities. Just “One direction” to go! So young and so popular, the “One direction” boys finally tell you what happen backstage in their overly exposed lives. If you don’t know yet where to spend your vacations, do like Chris Beanland. Enjoy the turquoise warm water of Ibiza and Yorkshire’s the beautiful and romantic greeneries. Upon return, all you have to do is compare how much you relished both places. Read our traveler tips of this edition: manage you’re spending with Jetaway’s strategies to get the most of The Big Apple City with only 21 dollars in your pocket.