JETWINGS – November 2013

JETWINGS – November 2013

The inflight magazine of Jet Airways
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Category : Travel

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In its November 2013 issue, we journey with “JETWINGS” to the small town of Meissen in Germany where porcelain is an art. Adventure is integral to all Indian road trips and come November 27, Mumbai will be the port of call for some of the best art from 17th-century Antwerp.
When the governor was on his way to Antwerp in 1635, his ship was hit by a heavy storm. Fortunately, he could continue his journey to arrive safely in the flourishing city. Some people said it was thanks to Neptune’s intervention. Or at least, this is how Ruben, the master of Flemish Baroque art, saw it. Since, “Neptune Abates The Tempest” was created as part of the welcoming ceremony for the governor who ruled the Low Countries (present day Belgium and The Netherlands). British actor Henry Carvill is finally flying high as he is the new America’s favourite superhero in Zac Snyder’s Superman reboot:” Man of Steel”. Russel Crowe wrote to Henry Carvill once that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. “Ideas Roadshow” is a new multi-media venture that produces long-format conversations on a wide range of intriguing topics for the curious non-specialist.