LET’S GO – April 2014

LET’S GO – April 2014

The travel magazine of Ryanair
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this issue, find out about the giant clothes peg near Liège, the best tips about where to stay in eight different countries in the Hotspots section, Wild swimming and many other great articles to discover.
Let’s go is the main entertainer and advisor for travelers. We constantly bring to you new ideas as to what activities to spend your time on. Recently, wild swimming has become more and more popular. How about you? Tempted? It consists on swimming, snorkeling and floating on rivers, lakes, etc. Pretty simple right! This activity is accessible to anybody and basically requires only a single skill, swimming. However, safety indications are always good lines to think about seriously. When summer is at your door, take your friends and family to the nearest lake outside town and have a great time together. But prior to that, be familiar with the security guidelines which you can find in our article “In 5mn: Go Swim in a River”.