LET’S GO – July 2014

LET’S GO – July 2014

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In this edition: underground trampoline in Wales, vintage finds in Dubai, meet the Swedes, discover Prague in the usual “Tell me where to go”, plus countless travel tips revealed to you.
Who has never wanted to visit or live in Spain? Spain is all about castles, arts, vibrant nightlife, or luxurious hotels on the seashore. However, its economical downfall has affected its people so much in recent years. Many young and well educated people indeed ended up in the streets. With creativity and goodwill, Lisa Grace, a market research consultant found a way to make the difference. As touring the streets must be on all visitors’ “must-do” list, she came up with revolutionary ideas. Why not involves those homeless young people as city guides as who else than them would know the streets of Spain. And, her endeavor happens to be a complete success. Learn more about this story and find out how genuine will to help can really bring hope and restoration.