LET’S GO – October 2013

LET’S GO – October 2013

The inflight magazine of Ryanair
Language : English
Category : Travel

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The October 2013 issue of Let’s Go features some ways to spend as less as possible during a holiday. The magazine also talks about Oktoberfest, Dublin, Edinburg, Malta, Paris, Berlin…

For travelers who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Oktoberfest, a traditional feast that take part each year in Munich, Let’s Go gives really useful advices to help them to find a seat. Indeed, due to the fame of the event, it is very difficult to find a place. One of the best things to do is to make reservations.
The October issue talks about the way to enjoy costless holiday. Travelers have choice between taking part of the work in an organic farm; eat wild food, trade talents and much more tips. By reading Let’s Go, a travel becomes cheaper, a very good deal.