LING – Enero 2014

LING – Enero 2014

La revista de a bordo de Vueling
Language : Espanol / English
Category : Travel

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As usual in Ling, we can find sections about food, travel and fun such as in Brussels, find good food from a chip van, but leave the dieting for later in Prague, a walk through Torino, on the road in London, Amsterdam, Moscow…



Some people as Italians, Greeks and Spaniards well understand the advantages of spending time out of doors and al fresco dining. Nowadays, more and more countries are joining in and adopting. New styles of food truck are trend, with travelling outlets that are very different from the traditional hot dogs stands, hamburger vans and fast food stalls. In Brussels, the eating is good unlike these more humble canteens, with its attractive range of food, exotic cuisine and sophisticated preparation. Moreover, enjoy the city of London freely especially if you have put off going to London because of the worry of its expensive fees. More interesting thingsarewaiting for you.

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