LING – Marzo 2013

LING – Marzo 2013

La revista de a bordo de Vueling
Language : Espanol / English
Category : Travel

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Lingtalks about the Colour on the Mediterranean or theLibrary of death in this edition. Regarding living, the magazine makes available to us a travel book, gives us an overview of Bordeaux, Torino, Berlin, Granada…

Have you ever thought about stopping the traffic in a whole country? For the very first time, Sweden did it, for a few hours at least. On Sunday the 3rd of September in 1967 was the H Day. The whole of the Scandinavian nation changed the side of the road they drove on, switching from the left to the right. On this time, from one to six in the morning, the circulation of non-essential vehicles was prohibited. After that, a battalion of workers took to the empty roads in order to change the road signs, traffic lights… The consequences were in fact very beneficial even if the citizens were reluctant. Read more about this issue and some more. Enjoy!

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