LING – Noviembre 2013

LING – Noviembre 2013

La revista de a bordo de Vueling
Language : Espanol / English
Category : Travel

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Know more about here, there and everywhere in Ling, with four principals section talking around living, inspiration, now and good. Get the travel notebook of Firenz. Find out the Copenhagen jewel of a library, the art neighborhood of Munich, Berlin, Prague or Lyon…


Marilyn Monroe sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The Copenhagen library named “Den Sorte Diamant” or the Black Diamond is the largest in Scandinavia, and holds a copy of every copy printed in the country since the 15th century. Later, the library becomes a much-visited and high-profile cultural centre. Its content will make books’ addicted happiness. You can increase our knowledge through the section analyzing the importance of a river port, especially if you are students preparing lectures, Zurich’s way of living with personal interviews of citizens, the 3D painting in San Satiro. Talking about fashion, art, culture, and design takes us back to creativity, imagination, legends or fantasy. Don’t forget to have a look to the current affairs, trends, new business models…

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