LING – Septiembre 2013

LING – Septiembre 2013

La revista de a bordo de Vueling
Language : Espanol / English
Category : Travel
Content : Alicante, el museo des las dos caras…

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With “Ling”, let us meet in Alicante the diva who enchanted Empress Sissi, a dog called Griffon in Brussels plus two stars and a mummy in Torino. We will dance with robots in Dusseldorf, walk through London and eat eggs a la flamenca in Sevilla.

She is impressive and attractive. She is the diva from Elche in Alicante and her name is Imperial Palm. Empress Sissi was hypnotized the first time she saw her and until know, visitors and celebrities rush to do a curtsy. Elche is the largest palm grove of Europe and became a World Heritage since 2000. Do you know the Brussels Griffon? This is an old dog that looks like a bearded-gentleman. It is a true aristocrat and is raised with the conviction it belongs to an animal superior social category. Indeed, even its genealogy is jealously guarded by some prestigious institutions as the Griffon Bruxellois Club! Bajoelagua Factory is a Biscamp-based company producing wine by underwater immersion of bottles. With a stronger aroma and a deeper color, this luxury product is infortunately made and sold in limited series…

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