N – April 2014

N – April 2014

The travel magazine of Norvegian
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This time in N magazine, the Nth Degree, Ten Things to do Around the Network, More than Pretty Face, How Big is the Solar System and many other fascinating stories for you.
Description, point de vue (100 – 50 mots) In this edition in N Magazine, find out a great number of interesting topics about your favorite area of interests. This time to challenge the brightest mind, in our QnA section, we invite you to venture to the outer-space with Nils Brenning, a professor at the Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology. Nils and his astronomer friend, Gosta Gham, ambitioned to built the largest model of the Solar System ever. The Stockholm Globe Arena is actually 20 millionths the size of the Sun and the idea rotate around it. Learn more about this story in an article called How Big is the Solar System? And also, don’t miss to read about How convincing ads can be.