N – August 2014

N – August 2014

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In this edition, the world smelliest food, making 72 stadiums from Lego, a new way to see arts, open air escape in Värmland and Hedmark and many other great readings.
With a touch of humor, N magazine presents you with a very hilarious article yet highly interesting about the smelliest food in the world. Would you believe it? Swedish fermented herring is well known for its strong smell that can make you sick the moment you opened the cans which contained it. However, more than 800, 000 cans are sold annually in Sweden. Usually accompanied with potatoes, onions and sour cream, this type of fermented fish is a real delicacy in its homeland. In an interview with the fishing boat crew members who catch these interesting species, they revealed that they could catch 110 tones of them during the season. Well, diversity indeed makes all things possible as taste and tolerance cold definitely differ the good way.