N – December 2014

N – December 2014

the travel magazine of Norvegian
Language : English
Category : Travel

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The cover story of the issue of N lets us more know about Kakslauttanen, a resort right in the middle of nowhere. N also talks us about the not to miss rainy days fashion style, ski films, Fuerteventura, caviar and drones.
If you want to unplug from the modern world, read the December 2014 issue of N, the in-flight magazine of Norwegian, and have a nice trip to the Finnish locality of Kakslauttanen. Being considered as the most famous resort of the country, Kakslauttanen was a former meat storage place. In the northern part of Finland, the resort is open all year long and allows the visitors to enjoy the magic of the hugeness of the nature. In the shade of the tall centenarian pine woods, each room is inspired from the igloos and offers you an unrivalled view of the night sky. Indeed, the bowl roof is made of glass. Not far from the resort, visitors can find the house of Santa Claus.