N – May 2014

N – May 2014

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In this issue, we find out the next Scandi crime sensation, Israel’s cooperatives, Cannes as the most wonderful place in the world for dogs, San Francisco, wooden roller coasters and how to grow a jacket…

Israel has always done cooperatives, associations that come together for mutual economic and social benefit. Since the early days of Zionism in the late 19th century, the kibbutz and moshav agricultural communities were central to society. However, in the 70s, government legislation has placed cooperatives on the endangered list, considering them irrelevant. Today, the Israeli cooperative is back in vogue, like Bar Kayma in Tel Aviv’s which is a point of meeting for vegan hippies. What is the next Scandi crime sensation? “Spring tide” is the first novel by husband-and-wife writers Cilla and Rolf Bőrjlind and it looks to be a smash hit. Indeed, the Bőrjlinds have pedigree. Scandinavia’s most highly rated crime-drama novelists have written 26 films around the fictional Swedish detective Martin Beck.