N – November 2013

N – November 2013

The inflight magazine of Norvegian
Language : English
Category : Travel

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On Norwegian issue, planning your next flight, everything you should know to face the monster snow when you are skiing, Florida’s best ride…Norwegian gives you the opportunity to travel cheaply on popular domestic routes.



Find out the city of Dubai above the clouds with amazing photos and three more great views of places in Bangkok, London or Istanbul. Key questions are answered in Norvegian. Can Danish steak cut it with the big boys? Francis Cardeneau answers absolutely. The difference lies in how the cattle, most of them come from farms in Jutland, are cared for. They are fed on grass, the natural way, and free. And it is according rules enforced by the Danish government! Hobbit village on the Stockholm archipelago is being planned to be built by John Higson, a Sweden-based British entrepreneur. What to make fun while creating houses. Make sure to keep reading, you may discover unexpected surprises.