N – September 2013

N – September 2013

The inflight magazine of Norvegian
Language : English
Category : Travel
Content : On the road in Florida…

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“Norwegian” is back for September with an issue devoted to Florida Road-tripping, Spain’s Southern Coast, Norway’s next big hit in cinema, what future looks like and these girls that might make us cry…

The New Nordic Society is a new agency set up to invent bizarre products. Here are some samples: the world’s largest Iphone speaker, a hellum lamp that floats in the air and a levitating carpet for pets using electromagnets! Does it not bring back to the era of the mad scientist? “Pioneer” is the deep-sea conspirancy thriller that is starring at this month’s Toronto Film Festival. No doubt it is going to be Norway’s next big hit. We will find out also the secrets of Swedish chef Fredrik Berselius to do pure Nordic locavore cooking and meet world’s best freedivers including Frédéric Sessa, French champion of dynamic apnea, who is able to swim 255 metres on a single breath!