ORYX – April 2013

ORYX – April 2013

The travel magazine of Qatar Airways
Language : English / Arabic
Category : Travel
Content : Qatar, Jordan, Chicago, gastronomy…
114 pages

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For his April 2013 issue, the in-flight Oryx magazine presents to the travelers the great town of Chicago, for the company is now connecting the main city of Michigan, and Doha.

Qatar Airways is one of the most luxurious companies of the Arabic peninsula and his in-flight magazine keeps on conveying a particular lifestyle. Beyond the advices given for travelers, the magazine is a must have publication to find best places to go with the aim of taking part of exclusive travel experience. In more than travel guides, Oryx also publishes products reviews and artistic and literary criticism. A worldwide diary of main cultural events is also shown inside the magazine.  Regularly, food lovers are favored through articles and dishes focused on authentic specialities of a given country. Inside the magazine, we can also read hotels and restaurant reviews.

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