RENAISSANCE – March 2014

RENAISSANCE – March 2014

The travel magazine of TransAsia Airways
Language : English / Chinese
Category : Travel

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In this issue, the soul of Hangzhou’s beauty revealed, Japan and Taiwan’s Sakura season is happening, Hakka sounds redefined by Taiwanese musician with new beats and many other great articles to tackle.
Renaissance is the Magazine of the utmost discoveries and refinement. In this edition learn how Asia could be a cure for a feeling of cluelessness about how to get the most out of life. Our selection of places to visit, activity to indulge or cuisine to adore will bring new dimension to your life. Start with a walk down Japan and Taiwan and enjoy the rapturous sight of their spring Queen: the Sakura. Embellished with a glorious pink coat on both sides of the road to wherever, you will realize the final feeling of fulfillment is not to see the world in Blue but in Sakura Pink. So, Pack your bag, book your flight, now is the right time to travel East.

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