RENAISSANCE – November/December 2013

RENAISSANCE – November/December 2013

The travel magazine of TransAsia Airways
Language : English / Chinese
Category : Travel
Content : Hokkaido, Tainan, Wuhan…

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“RENAISSANCE” highlights six exciting destinations in Asia: Hokkaido, Tainan, Wuhan, Changsa, Cheju and Taiwan’s northern coastline. Our magazine tasted also the spicy life in Chongqing, enjoyed the charm of Taichung’s old quarter, experienced Macau’s rich Portuguese past and gobbled savory foods from Taipei’s Raohe night market.

Cheju, also known as Jeju, is famous for its natural wonders like craters, lava tubes and one-of-a-kind cuisine. Tucked away at Macau’s southern tip is Coloane Village. The village is home to many city squares and few alfresco restaurants giving it a European feel. Portuguese tiles color the sidewalks white, with navy blue images of sea creatures and sailboats. Forming the backdrop for the village are lush hills. Coloane’s two beaches are the only ones in Macau. Loh majored in natural science at college but his destiny changed the day when working as a retail assistant, a woman sought his help re-creating a head-to-toe ensemble displayed in the shop window. The happiness he saw on her face inspired him to start window dressing and styling.

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