RENAISSANCE – September 2013

RENAISSANCE – September 2013

The in-flight magazine of TransAsia Airways
Language : English / Chinese
Category : Travel

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« TRANSASIA”, in its September 2013 issue, explores Macau where East meets West, Palau which is the world’s first shark reserve, Hualien parks, the tomb of Lord Bao and Siem Reap with its famous temples.

Traveling in the Penghu islands off Western Taiwan is an adventure toward a fabulous area where natural wonders are still unspoiled and sun set over a sea dotted with local fishing vessels. Ian Chang 38 is a malt whisky brand from Taiwan…too. It has won 49 gold medals in the industry’s most prestigious competitions and can rival the world’s finest malts. Still in Taiwan, did you know that Taipei has presently two Modern Toilet Restaurants? Just to describe: imagine usual seats which are replaced by bathroom thrones, meats served in dishes resembling to mini toilets, drinks arriving in plastic urinal-shaped contenairs and dessert in a mini squat toilet. Original or pioneering? Whatever the answer, bon appetite!

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