RHAPSODY – April 2013

RHAPSODY – April 2013

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In its April 2014 issue, “RHAPSODY” presents the cream of the crop from Geneva’s SIHH watch show, jeweler’s Roberto Coin’s animal-kingdom inspiration and rare reads at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair. Also, an interesting article is especially devoted to movie star Michael Pitt.
Michael Pitt is well-known for playing violent characters. In the new movie “Rob the Mob”, he adds another gangster character to his filmography with Tommy, an ex-con, who decides along his girlfriend to start holding up Italian social clubs frequented by Mafia. This story certainly reminded you Bonnie and Clyde. Indeed, it is based on their real-life. Have you ever been thinking about the worth of a “like”? We “like” on Facebook, Instagram or Tweeter. For instance, Katy Perry rules Tweeter with 50 millions followers and Rihanna is nearing 100 millions “likes” on Facebook. Well, young stars must develop social-media networks in order to be trendy. Nowadays, the bigger prize for a pop star is becoming a media property oneself.