SCANORAMA – May 2014

SCANORAMA – May 2014

The travel magazine of Scandinavian Airlines
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this issue, we will discover the Ekeberg Sculpture Park, Napa Valley’s wineries, the leafy island of Djugården, Copenhagen’s greatest hits, new-school digs in Stockholm and the biggest corn dog draw in the West.
Dan Stenqvist, Jonas Westesson and Johan Carlström are the baristas behind Solde coffee bar and roaster. Their current favorite is a Kenyan brewed coffee with a hint of blackcurrant. It is mild and sweet, low in caffeine and tannins, and ideally served lukewarm without milk and sugar. Milan maybe a cosmopolitan city but strangely, its dining scene is still dominated by Italian foods from pizza to prosciutto. Those last few years, we notice all the same that two foreign foods have gained popularity among the Milanese gourmets: the sushi and the ramen. Henke Larsson is a pool professional who won four world titles and 10 European titles in the wheelchair division. He also competes against able-bodied players in Sweden’s biggest tournaments; yes, he surely cannot reach all the spaces on the table as well as able-bodied players but he has still won bronze in the Swedish championships.