SILVERKRIS – August 2013

SILVERKRIS – August 2013

The travel magazine of Singapore airlines
Language : Chinese / English
Category : Travel
Content : Singapore, Sidney, streets smart…
112 pages

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In August 2013, Silverkris talks about the changes that occurred in the Singapore skyline and takes us to Las Vegas. Inside, you will also appreciate the photos taken by the great William Chua in Seoul and other cities.

During his travels, the Singaporean photographer William Chua took part of the daily life of each country in order to take the most authentic photos. Bhutan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico are some of the countries he visited and each shot share us smile or colorful spaces.
On the occasion of the Singapore’s national Day, Silverkris offers us a walk through historical neighborhood of the country. In tis way, we can appreciate the architecture of the Singapore Art museum, the astonishing color of the Red Dot Design Museum or the traditions improved by the Art House. The Fullerton Hotel is another historical landmark to discover in Singapore.

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