SILVERKRIS – December 2013

SILVERKRIS – December 2013

The travel magazine of Singapore airlines
Language : Chinese / English
Category : Travel
Content : Munich, Panjim colours…

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Want to discover Singapore’s top mixologists? Silverkris offers an article dealing with it and many other issues such as Zurich for all seasons, the arty side of Hong Kong, unusual golf courses for golf amateur…



Don’t miss Hong Kong’s art trove on streets, in restaurants and even in mall – artists’ marks in a dynamic city – Nadja Swarovski’s interview about her hectic life and the travelling she does for the family crystal business. Golf enthusiasts can now work on their swings in some of the world’s most extreme locations, from a Yogyakarta green next to the active volcano Mount Merapi, to the world’s lowest course lying 66 meters below sea level in California’s Death Valley, the more challenge, the more interesting game. Embrace Zurich’s vibrant and fun side and cast aside your past impressions of financial hub. Silverkris talks about all of these issues, so go on reading!

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