SILVERKRIS – June 2013

SILVERKRIS – June 2013

The travel magazine of Singapore airlines
Language : Chinese / English
Category : Travel
Content : Inde, Istanbul, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam…
112 pages

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For the June 2013 issue, Silverkris takes us to Amsterdam and especially the art heritage of the biggest Dutch city. You will also discover the hidden side of Kuala Lumpur.

Readable on board but also available for free online, the in-flight magazine of Singapore Airlines, entitled Silverkris, is a really good publication to find a new way to travel. In fact, the magazine is not just a travel or city guide. The articles inside it allow us to discover unknown faces of a town, region or country. Because Singapore Airlines is a luxurious company, the magazine Silverkris will also let us discover a stylish way of life through high-tech products, cloths and accessories reviews. The magazine regularly presents a selection of great restaurants, hotels and events from around the world.

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