SILVERKRIS – March 2014

SILVERKRIS – March 2014

The travel magazine of Singapore airlines
Language : Chinese / English
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Find out the poetry of wild Botswana from above, pictured by Zack Seckler, an American photojournalist. Enjoy the Cotswolds’ charming landscape of rolling hills and rustic towns that makes a perfect retreat…
How many of us have ever dreamed about flying above the African landscape? Zack Seckler has captured astonishing pictures of the raw beauty of Botswana. The American photographer has pictured subtle aesthetic moments within the scenery, resulting in images that are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. The magazine gives us an overview of Seckler’s amazing job. In the Nature Escape section, the magazine presents us four marvelous paradises that nature gives us. Torres Del Paine located in Chile is one of them. Torres del Paine National park is a wilderness of jagged granite peaks, electric-blue icebergs and snow-crowned mountains. It has been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, a real treasure of nature. A visit in this place worths numerous expensive relaxations massage sessions… Don’t miss the other articles that the magazine offers us.

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