SKYLINES – Jan/Feb 2014

SKYLINES – Jan/Feb 2014

The in-flight magazine of Austrian airlines
Language : English / Deutsch
Category : Travel

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In this edition, from the flight deck: ask the pilot, Melanie Sheriau model and television presenter, Tokyo: the city with many faces, and many other captivating articles to keep you away from boredom.

In this issue, Skylines provides you with fascinating bilingual articles about several amazing trips you can go. This time, in our travel section, Tokyo and its many faces. Indeed, it’s hard to describe Tokyo because its different features that coexist in harmony everywhere in the city and its surroundings. Tokyo is home to millions of people but also it is a huge business centers. It has successfully achieved to make the tradition and heritage of the past meet the requirements and the sophistication of modern life. Many have depicted life in Tokyo as a place to learn manners and how to be considerate to others. Find out more about this story in an article called: “A city with many faces”.

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