SKYLINES – September/October 2013

SKYLINES – September/October 2013

The in-flight magazine of Austrian airlines
Language : English / Deutsch
Category : Travel
Content : Astonished Athens, Monaco, Split……

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“SKYLINES” put the cap to Greece, Monaco, Taormina and Düsseldorf. We will have also the latest from the worlds of tourism and gastronomy, art and culture plus a meeting at Vienna’s oldest Baroque garden.

Let us go to Athens to rediscover the arts of Ancient Greece. Western cultural history would have been poor without! Do you know that the first plays of history celebrated their premieres at Dionysus Theatre? And Agora is the birthplace of democracy? Nowadays, the columns of Parthenon still stand with their naked framework, immovable… After Greece, we are heading for Monaco. Far of its reputation of royalty and casino, we will see there is not need to be a billionaire to spend enjoyable days there. Just imagine you strolling through the alleyways of La Condamine and then spending a moment in the operatta state. In October, sea is wonderfully warm for a dip. Düsseldorf is not only an industrial center, it has an artistic heart. Many artists have been active in the city so there are numerous outstanding museums and centres that give real agony of choice.

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