SMILE – April 2014

SMILE – April 2014

The travel magazine of Cebu Pacific Air
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In this issue, find out our selections of topics: Thee hours in Changi, Wanderlust, Seoul of lifestyle, The side of paradise, Beyond Manila and many other captivating article to inspire you until you take eventually take off.
Embark in the greatest adventure of all time, meet incredible people and live a life-changing experience. Smile provides you with that much. In our stop-over in Seoul, we met Alex Finch, a photographer who settled in Seoul and does Street shot In North Korea. His approach to photography is very artistic and reflects a lot the anthropological value of the Capital city. According to him, young people in Seoul express themselves with a lot of freedom that is arranged in such a harmonious way that it can’t only be but beautiful. Indeed, Alex usually sits at a corner and randomly asks people on the street he thinks are looking interesting if they want be photographed. This way, not only he offers genuine reflection of Seoul dressing style in his photographs but also he builds friendship with the locals.