TIGER TALES – January/February 2014

TIGER TALES – January/February 2014

The inflight magazine of Tiger Airways
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this issue, “TIGER TALES” invites us to a Greenbelt tour with a stop at Ayala Museum and to meet the Naxi, a commonalty that is said to be from Tibet. Also, our magazine focuses on Indonesian jewellery, Chettinad cuisine and Bali weddings.
Surabaya, the “City of Heroes” is ideal for spice lovers, shopaholics, history buffs and outdoor types. Indeed, on the Indonesian food map, Surabaya stands for its salty and savory snacks and no one leaves it empty handed: the Atom Market is a culinary epicentre to find best shrimp paste, smoked milkfish and various chips. Visitors can also do a heritage trip in Surabaya to find out “The Red Bridge” and Heroes Monument or go greener by taking a public boat tour to discover mangrove ecosystem. Chettinad cuisine is a perfect demonstration of how geography and climate influence a region’s palate. Life in the hot, dry hinterland forced Chettiars to add in their dishes jungle fowl, quail, rabbit, pigeon and turkey. They also evolved new cooking and preservation techniques, which led to use sun-dried meats, berries and salted vegetables and pickles.


In this issue, Ayala Museum in the Philippines, West Lombok in Bali, Five romantic spots, A pertfect day in Surabaya and many other great articles to find out.
This time in Tiger Tales provides you with the most romantic spots to celebrate special romantic anniversaries. If you want to find the best setting to indulges in the legendary infatuation of love, this article is tailored for you. Making the top of our list is the Bamboo room at the Spider House Hostel, Boracay. This room is limitless because it has no wall to limit your view of the sea. Rich in originality and sense of freedom, this room is perfect for you if you are in the mood for chill and liberty. In the “A perfect day” section of this edition, we take you to Surabaya to make you test the best of its spicy food, historical and cultural heritage and its many outdoor activities.