TIGER TALES – March/April 2014

TIGER TALES – March/April 2014

The travel magazine of Tiger Airways
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this edition: From street to stage in Cambodia, latest openings and exhibitions in our network, Dirt biking in Java and many other great articles to discover.
In this issue in Tiger Tales, find out great tips for a moderate cost trip to the Maldives. For a very long time now, the Maldives has always been associated to luxury and unreasonably spending. Indeed, The Maldives, made up of 1,190 micro-islands, have several resorts the cost of which might go as high as 15,000 USD overnight. However, things have changed so much lately as many affordable guesthouses and low-fare flights are now available. Fortunately, a trip to the Maldives is now a treat one can afford with the spouting guesthouses at only 40 USD the night and they are quite comfortable. Learn more about this story in an article called: “Budget Maldives”.