TRAVELLER – August 2013

TRAVELLER – August 2013

The inflight magazine of Easy Jet
Language : English
Category : Travel
Content : The very best beach escapes…
212 pages

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In summary in August, the best beaches of Sardinia, the Bozburun Peninsula, Bergen and Manchester are to discover. The issue is also teaching how to become a surf guru.

As Turkey is becoming one of the most popular destinations of the Mediterranean Sea, the seaside towns are frequently visited. It’s more difficult to taste the authentic life of the country. To enjoy a simple and bucolic journey, the Bozburun Peninsula, located in the southwestern side of Asia Minor. Surrounded by mountains and enjoying a shiny sun, the little fishers’ town is far from mass tourism. There are no remarkable landmarks or luxury hotel, but we can easily talk with the inhabitants. Thanks to the simplicity and discretion, many celebrities from Turkey choose the Bozburun Peninsula. That’s why it’s sometimes possible to see a yacht.