TRAVELLER – January 2014

TRAVELLER – January 2014

The inflight magazine of Easy Jet
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In its January 2014 issue, “TRAVELLER” invites us to Norway where the resort of Voss is certainly the country’s best-kept ski secret. Our magazine tested also the Munich bar that only uses locally sourced ingredients and tasted humble but exquisite macarons.

Pierre Hermé is called the “Picasso of pastry”. Proof is that his colorful macarons became a global phenomenon. He achieved to turn his creation in a kind of an art-form, introducing complex ingredients such as white truffle, caviar and cigar where once there was the relatively simple choice of vanilla or chocolate. On another subject, it is possible to convert a ski-phobic wife into an alpine angel in three days. How? Our magazine gives jokingly some essential tips! Richard Fleury spent a week on a liveaboard yacht in The Red Sea. He discovered freediving which cannot be only associated with enthusiasts who descend to depths of 200 m or more, holding breath for over 10 minutes. There is no need to be an athlete. This sport can be a pure and relaxing way to explore the underwater world.