TRAVELLER – November 2013

TRAVELLER – November 2013

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Language : English
Category : Travel
Content : The making of Usain Bolt…

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In this month, let us discover Morocco’s ancient Berber tea-making ritual, Rockhal in Luxembourg – maybe the coolest music venue in Europe, the resort of Val Thorens and the cycle cafés of Madrid’s hippest neighbourhood. We will meet Cirque du Soleil’s stars and the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt.

The movie “HUNGER GAMES “sounds to satisfy the most brutal appetites! In a training camp in Sussex, kids aged 10 plus and adults too spend the day in an arena in the forest, learning self-defence, weapon-making and survival skills before a great battle-based finale between “districts”. For anyone who has seen Usain Bolt lope effortlessly to victory, it begs the question of his unbelievable capabilities. The explanation of his speed was studied by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Just to find out what makes him faster than any of the 107 billion human beings who have walked the Earth… The “Times of Malta” is an amazing newspaper. It never dropped an issue during Malta’s bombardment by Germans in the war and it continues its proud tradition today! Recently, the paper’s commentators have been concerned with Malta’s sedentary lifestyle. Yes, the island is in the midst of an obesity crisis!