TRAVELLER – September 2013

TRAVELLER – September 2013

The inflight magazine of Easy Jet
Language : English
Category : Travel
Content : Feast London…

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“TRAVELLER”, in its September 2013 issue, focuses on Italy’s lakes, Tel Aviv’s techpreneurs, London’s East End as a new culinary destination, a Belfast chemist, hipsters, an exhibition about Amy Winehouse and Belgium’s footballers.

Author Irvine Welsh talks about travel and life on the road filming latest novel adaptation “Filth”. He reveals he used to hitchhike off slip roads when he was younger. Dr. Georges Cathcart ditched his job as a researcher for a London pharmaceutical company to launch his own beer in Belfast. Today, his brew named Sheelin Blonde Ale is developing a good reputation among connoisseurs thank of its very malty flavour without additive aftertaste. In Germany, we can find graffitis all over the former East Berlin area saying “Hipsters go home”. Hipsters are considered to have a detrimental effect on the city. The war against them is a war against gentrification…