U.S AIRWAYS MAGAZINE – February 2014

U.S AIRWAYS MAGAZINE – February 2014

The travel magazine of U.S Airways
Language : english
Category : Travel

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Know more about Eleuthera, Island jewel in the Bahamas that is in the front cover. Travel in Tri-Valley in discover Bay Area hidden gem, find smart tools for staying fit, and more.

Andrea Kahn has visited Eleuthera for us. Eleuthera, one of the so-called Out Islands of the Bahamas, is 60 miles from Nassau. The name which means freedom in Greek corresponds perfectly to the island according to Kahn. Only there, you will have freedom from stress, crowds and consumerism. It is a refuge for those who are seeking for calm and serenity. However the seekers of casinos and celebrity-chef restaurants may skip Eleuthera. Their last impression: a week in Eleuthera is worth years of therapy! You want to travel the world without ever leaving your seat? Scottsdale Station makes that possible! Find out how in the full magazine version!