UO Magazine – April 2013

UO Magazine – April 2013

The travel magazine of Hong Kong Express
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In this edition, we will discover village life among the descendants of Sabah’s headhunters and the allure of Korea’s jazz clubs. Also, we will get a taste of Fukuoka’s famous fare and make a trip through ten old-time Tokyo landmarks.
A search for Seoul’s best jazz venues leads us to Once in a Blue Moon, an upscale club in Gangnam street. Jazz is younger than anywhere else there, so first-generation musicians are still alive. The scene is getting bigger each year and Seoul presents several opportunities to perform. Koreans are attracted to jazz because of the improvisational element of Korean folk music. The Mari Mari Cultural Village in Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia – is a sort of living museum, where the descendants of headhunters demonstrate to visitors traditional skills such as how to make clothes, start a fire and make rice wine.

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