UO Magazine – December 2014

UO Magazine – December 2014

The travel magazine of Hong Kong Express
Language : English / Chinese
Category : Travel

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In December, UO Magazine takes us to the outstanding landscapes and caves of Phuket. The magazine also lets us better know about Fukuoka’s dining out places and the Penang’s jazz festival.
Located on the northern part of Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is a historic city known for its castle and its cultural events, but, according to the December 2014 issue of UO Magazine, the city is also a culinary destination. Across the first pages of the magazine, you will discover the best places to dine out. Far from refined restaurants, the article focuses on the stalls where visitors and inhabitants can find authentic and tasty dishes.
As every year, the Malaysian island of Penang hosts an international jazz festival. For its 2015 edition, Penang is proud to welcome Richard Bona, a world-renowned bass player and composer. The editions will also applause a young international band that is a meeting of African and European influences.

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