WIZZ – August 2014

WIZZ – August 2014

The travel magazine of Wizz Air
Language : English
Category : Travel

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Wizz is more than a Magazine; it is a storyteller that tells tales of places we all dream to belong. In this issue learn more about a summer fun in Bulgaria, Valletta’s current revamp, and Eastern European Sushi.
Malta, one of the best places to celebrate Summer, made it in Wizz Magazine this time. In fact, how could we walk by Malta and forget to stop by to admire the architecture of the City of Valletta, so much it is beautiful? Currently, Valletta, the city of the knights, is now under reconstruction in order to improve its look and the accessibility around town. Although, architects would like to give Valletta a touch of modernity while building its new theater, parliament building and other ongoing constructions, all have agreed that Valletta’s current mood and traditional features suit the city more than glass and steel buildings would ever will. Find out more about the re-birth of the city of the Knights in an article entitled: “Redesigning Valletta”